INTERSTARR Logistics uses these trailers to perform logistical services for our clients.

We specialize in Flatbed, Step Deck and Power-Only trailers.
We are a "long-haul" company focusing on routes greater than 600 miles. 

Use the descriptions below to determine your equipment needs.

 Equipment Types & Specifications:

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbeds can range in lengths from 45' to 53'.

The deck height is usually 58" to 60".

The stretch trailer, usually 48' in the closed position, extends to lengths of 70' to 80'.

Most flatbeds are 102" wide.

Step Deck Trailers

The Step Deck is one of the most versatile trailers in specialized transportation.

Step Decks are usally 48' or 53' long with shorter deck lengths of 37' to 43', and heights as low as 32".

The most common bottom deck heights are 38", 42".

Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN)

Commonly known in the industry as a detach or lowboy trailer.

Mainly used for hauling construction equipment, cranes, forklifts, and self-propelled equipment that can be driven on and off the trailer.

The goose neck detaches and is pulled away from the lower deck along with the tractor clearing the way to drive the load onto the trailer. 

Double Drop Trailers

Double Drop trailers have a low deck in the center, known as "the well", for high cargo that would be too tall on other trailers.

The length of the well is usally 25' to 29', with deck heights as low as 12" but more often at 18"-24".

The Double Drop has added capability of extending the length of the well to as much as 50'-53'.

Dry Van

The 53' Dry Van accommodates a wide variety of shipments and is mainly used in the dock to dock rapid movement of goods.

Most trailers are 110" high on the inside and 100" wide.

Power Only

Power Only trucks are for movement of freight of all kinds.

This type of truck must attach to a chasis or another type of trailer.  

It is used to move intermodal equipment, mobile forestry equipment, mobile MRI and CT scanners, government and military trailers.